iOS Developer Tools Article describes various tools I use during my daily working routine. I update this list if something will change. It covers just tools that I use and that suits my workflow but I think that it can be helpful for someone who is seeking the new ways of improving their workflows.


  • Xcode is number one! My main focus is iOS development and it’s the must app for developing, testing, debugging and distributing iOS apps. It’s not the perfect… far from perfect IDE, but it’s the only one full functional IDE for iOS coding now. You can try to partially replace it with AppCode but only partially. Interface builder is available only in Xcode and Xcode is the most developed IDE currently with design matching MacOS comparing it to AppCode IDE which looks awkward on Mac.
  • Visual Studio Code - my favourite text-code editor available on Mac. Before Mac had appeared in my life and my main works station was Windows, I was a big fan of NotePad++. Great tool! Fast and easy to use. Unfortunately NotePad++ is not available on Mac.. And even worse somehow the era of Electron-based apps started on Mac. And now the when you need code editor you mostly have three options: Atom, Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text. And my personal choice is VS Code! It’s fast enough, works well with big files and have plenty of different plugins. I use it mostly for JS (Node) development and working with regular expressions.
  • PyCharm. I use python as support language for different scripts and helpful utils. PyCharm is my favourite way to work with Python because it offers good way to debug and develop python apps.

Developer Helpers

  • Sherlock - it is one the apps that caused “How could I have lived without it” effect. Really great util that saved me hours of work. It connects to active simulator and allows you to change constraints and parameters of views in realtime.
  • Reveal - another realtime view editing tool but with much more debugging functions. Very useful as well.
  • Xcode and Xcode Instruments - again! Offers a huge number of different ways to debug and analyse app behaviour. Need some time to dig in and explore all the features.


  • Fastlane - must have. Stop build and uploads applications by hands. Configure once, use everyday. Plenty of features, easy to configure and saves enamours amount of time.
  • Sourcetree - git client. Very fast and reliable git without overhead.


  • Sketch - must have tool for creating and sometime watching designs. Widely used by designers.
  • Zeplin - my favourite design storage and viewer. Has the best feature ever:

Very useful during design checking.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know your thoughts.